Replacement fiber optic target base in gold.

Available for 24 inch or 32 inch artificial Christmas trees.

Hole diameter is 1 1/8 inches.


  • Color wheel
  • Halogen bulb

Bulb Size 12V 10W MR11, 2 Prongs Push in type


This Fiber Optic base is compatible with the following adapters:

1. GPU411201250WAOO – 1 Prong (L) Shape Connection

Input: 120V 60Hz 17W
Output: 12V 1250mA

2. DA-12-12 – 1 Prong (L) Shape Connection

Input: 120VAC 60Hz 18VA
Output: 12VAC 1.0A 12VA


Does not include AC adapter ** It is highly suggested when purchasing a fiber optic base it is best to purchase new adapters as they are compatible and will avoid unnecessary shortages.