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Fraser Fir – Pre-Lit

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During the holiday season your home is not complete without the addition of a Puleo Christmas Tree. Puleo is The Oldest Family Name for Christmas Trees in America® and our trees will bring joy and holiday spirit year after year. Puleo Christmas trees are hand-crafted using only the highest quality materials to achieve an incredibly realistic appearance. Our Fraser Fir features plentiful branch tips with room for many treasured Christmas ornaments and lights that warmly illuminate the room.

Available Christmas Tree Variations

SKU Name Height Width Tips Light Type Color
909-FF-45C25 4.5 ft.Pre-Lit  Fraser Fir Tree with 250 Clear Lights 4.5 ft. 37 in. 761 250 Incandescent Clear
277-FF-45M25 4.5 ft.Pre-Lit  Fraser Fir Tree with 250 Multi-Colored Lights 4.5 ft. 37 in. 761 250 Incandescent Multi
277-FF-65C5 6.5 ft. Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Tree with 500 UL Listed Clear Lights 6.5 ft. 51 in. 1775 500 Incandescent Clear
277-FF-75C75 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit  Fraser Fir Tree with 750 Clear Lights 7.5 ft. 58 in. 2591 750 Incandescent Clear
277-FF-75LW/M75 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Tree with 750 Color Select Clear/Multi Colored Lights 7.5 ft. 58 in. 2591 750 LED Clear/Multi
277-FF-75LW7 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Tree with 700 UL Listed Warm White LED Lights 7.5 ft. 59 in. 2591 700 LED Warm White
277-FF-75M75 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Tree with 750 UL Listed Multi Lights 7.5 ft. 59 in. 2591 750 Incandescent Multi
277-FF-90C10 9 ft. Pre-Lit  Fraser Fir Tree with 1000 Clear Lights 9 ft. 66 in. 3647 1000 Incandescent Clear
909-FF-100C13 10 ft. Pre-Lit  Fraser Fir Tree with 1300 Clear Lights 10 ft. 70 in. 4733 1300 Incandescent Clear


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9 reviews for Fraser Fir – Pre-Lit

  1. Sara Prihoda

    I just purchased the 277-FF-75C75, 7 and 1/2 foot tree. It has exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to assemble, the tree fluffed out easily and looks beautiful. Not only that, but it came with gloves to set up the tree with. Wonderful idea and made it easier on my hands.

    Thank you for the wonderful quality!

  2. G. Hagan Clough

    Easy assembly, clear directions. Love the four light options, favorite is combo fading between white & color. Very solid construction & realistic looking!

  3. Raymond Price

    I was amazed how easy it was to put together and the quality of the fold down branches and strength of a real solid tree. I had purchased the 7.5 Pre Lit Fraser Fir tree.

    Beautiful tree.

  4. Cynde Diminovich

    Received as my birthday gift from my family. My son put together, fluffed and decorated it- said it went together with ease. I love it-this tree is perfect in every way! My daughter ordered it from Amazon, It arrived in plain box with no model number but a call to Puleo and a young lady, Amber was able to get it for me so I was able to complete the warranty registration.

  5. Jim Cusack

    This is a good looking tree that assembles well (it even comes with gloves), and it was easy to adjust branches. The lights are not up to the quality of the tree itself. Ours blew out a main fuse (for which no spares were included), and one of the four light sections had open fuses as well, but for these spares were, thankfully, included. Once the lights were sorted out, all is well , and the tree looks great.

  6. Grace Lee

    Great and beutiful chirsmas tree. I love it!!

  7. Jan Gary

    I just put together my 9’ tree and am blown away by it’s beauty. I had read reviews saying it was a nice tree but it has exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to finish “fluffing and decorating!

  8. Pete Visser

    We just assembled our 9 ft. Pre-Lit Fraser Fir tree and couldn’t be more pleased. It did take about 2 hours to put together and “fluff”, but , WOW, is the time worth it! No more stringing lights, no more needles all over the floor, no more disposal in January!! Yippee! Thank you Puleo International for a beautiful product. Five stars all the way!

  9. Neil

    What a value!! Looks great. Lighting works. The only downside (from a real tree) is the time to ‘fluff’ the tree. Thank you!

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